60-120 FPS

"Don't get fooled by the mass screaming 'Performance by Default! Avoid premature optimization!'", says this Unity performance expert who consistently fine-tunes enterprise and game studios' projects to reach high 60-120FPS

If you are not delivering the frame-rate your users demand, I can show you the fastest way to reach your performance goals without all the pain that comes from doing turtle-slow blind optimization work.

Dear Unity developer,

Over the years, I have received many consulting requests from studios working with Unity.

Why are studios in need of Unity consulting?

Two reasons:

  • Performance does NOT happen by default (yet Unity repeats this over and over again)
  • Solid and maintainable architectures do NOT happen by default either

And why me?

One reason:

Because going through the hell of optimizing 20+ games and experiences made in Unity helped me become a performance expert.

I work on AAA and casual games that add up to 100+ million players. Some of the clients I worked with are Ubisoft, Unity, XR Bootcamp, Forcefield XR, Wooga, Volkswagen, Audi, Gamovation and well over 10 more.

And I share a portion of my experience in blogs like Gamasutra,, Unity and of course in my own platform at TheGamedev.Guru. I’m myself a Unity insider, which means that I get to work with internal teams at Unity and access unreleased features.

So, what’s the deal?

I’m offering your studio The Unity Studio Package.

In this monthly package, you get unlimited access to all my products:

  • The Unity Performance Taskforce: you’ll receive weekly content on the four performance pillars that improves the performance of your Unity projects and trains your developers
  • Addressables for the Busy Developer: a full action-oriented program that teaches you how to implement Unity Addressables in your project, so that you improve your memory usage, loading times and your build iteration times by 10x. This way, your projects won’t crash and your developers will be able to push more features, faster.
  • The Unity Performance Checklist PRO: get access to 240+ simple action points that will quickly assure you didn’t leave any performance low-hanging fruit behind.
  • The P3 Optimization Framework: learn how to consistently reach your target frame-rate with a proven framework in just three simple steps

But that’s not all.

I know that studios like yours are busy and don’t always have the time to go through my optimization material.

That’s why I decided to throw in the Unity Studio Package some of my own consulting time that you can regularly invest in your project in the way that helps your studio most.

So, how could your studio profit from my time?

Here are a few examples:

  • Weekly code reviews on important features to make sure it doesn’t kill performance or has any long-term negative effect that could delay the release of your project.
  • Performance consulting: if you are having problems with a bottleneck, I can help you solve the root of the cause. No matter if you know everything about your bottleneck or nothing at all, I can help you reach your steady, target frame-rate.
  • Performance monitoring: I can help you detect performance issues before they grow large enough to cause delays in your release and they eat your margins.

As always, I’m happy to sign an NDA so you have the confidence your project is in safe hands.

If you are interested in signing up your studio for the Unity Studio Package, you can get started immediately by selecting your package below.

Choose Your Studio Plan

Regular Program
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Your Unity Studio Package (Regular) Includes
  • Unity Performance Taskforce (Valued at €297/month)
  • Addressables for the Busy Developer (Valued at €297)
  • Unity Performance Checklist PRO (Valued at €77)
  • The P3 Optimization Framework (Valued at €397)
  • 1x Unity Consulting Session / Month (Valued at €500)

And if you have questions about this program, we can jump on a call or meet by email.

* Excluding VAT, if applicable

Questions? Get in touch at

TheGamedev.Guru Guarantee

I provide you with the finest industry-proven game optimization strategies that will help you reach your performance goals.

You either substantially improve your game's frame-rate or you can cancel your membership any time.

No small letter or hidden terms... No risks, no hassles.

It's that simple.

What People Are Saying About Ruben Torres

Jonathan Weinberger

CEO at GameDevHQ

The knowledge and passion Ruben has for optimization is to be admired.

I highly recommend his course

Robert Wetzold

CEO at Wetzold Studios

It’s thanks to Ruben and his really well structured blogs that I was able to first of all understand these and then also to transform my whole project to Addressables in record time.

He looks at so many angles and even has been available to personally help with additional questions I had. I can only applaud his passion and willingness to share.

Emanuel Amler

(VFX) 3D Character Animator

I am very happy that Ruben offers this 1:1 coaching at all, because I can read through tons of articles and lists of possible improvements, and still not be able to apply the different steps to my very own project.

His 1:1 coaching was definitely not only a time- and money-saver for this project, but he also has great skills to boil down complex information into chunks that are easy to understand and apply.

Yorai Omer

Lead Game Developer at Re-Logic

Allow me to begin by saying I am a happy customer, it was a lovely course on Addressables!

After requesting additional content on integrating Mirror Networking with Addressables, Ruben went as far as to add a lesson about it.

Ruben: if you ever make another course, please do hit me up with an e-mail!

Ido Ben Shalom

Unity Developer at D.I.C

I appreciate all the content you write. It really helped me grasp the true power of the addressables package.

I used to struggle a lot with memory consumption, crashes, high cpu usage etc.. and your content helped me overcome a lot of obstacles.

I signed up to the course you’ve created and finished several chapters already and am very excited to keep reading

Brian Hunsaker

CTO at Dark Tonic Games

Ruben is deeply knowledgeable about every aspect of Unity development.

He figured out the issue I had been struggling within minutes.

His expertise is worth any price.

VReality Labs

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